7 Steps to Ensure 100% Worry Free Complete Bedside to Bedside Service

1. When you call to arrange for an air ambulance flight, one of our flight air ambulance specialists will get some basic information on the patient. Then we will forward this information to the Medical Department that will obtain a medical briefing of the patient and assign the flight medical staff accordingly.


2. Based on the medical briefing, we arrange for the ground transportation to pick up the patient at bedside. To ensure smooth patient transfer, it is important to allow Advanced Air Ambulance to arrange for ground support. Some transfers require the flight medical staff to accompany the patient on the ground ambulance between the hospital and the airport.


3. Once the patient has been transported to the airport, our flight crew and medical staff will safely transfer the patient onto the air ambulance aircraft. The crew will secure the patient on the stretcher with all needed medical equipment. Family members and companions will be able to sit beside the patient during the flight.


4. Once everyone is seated on the air ambulance, the attending medical flight crewmember will check the patient’s vital signs to be certain that all adjustments are completed before take-off.


5. Once in the air and during the flight, the patient will always be monitored and the attending medical flight crew will administer any medication. If the flight should require a fuel stop, the patient will remain on the air ambulance aircraft with the medical flight crew. Fuel stops, if any, may be minutes before we take off again to our destination.


6. The destination airport is determined as part of the flight planning. At Advanced Air Ambulance, we always strive to land at the least congested and nearest airport to the receiving facility to shorten the patient’s ground ride to final destination.


7. Upon arrival to the destination airport, an awaiting ground ambulance will be at the airport to transport the patient to the receiving bedside. Patient’s medical report will be given to the ground ambulance’s crew. Some transfers require the medical flight crew to accompany the patient on the ground ambulance to the receiving facility if applicable.

The medical report will then be given at the facility that will conclude our 100% Worry Free Complete Bedside-to-Bedside Transfer Service.