Medical Flight Crew

When transporting a patient on an air ambulance, it is important to have the most qualified air ambulance professionals on board to offer the highest standard of quality care.

For this reason, Advanced Air Ambulance, Corp., has the very best aero-medically trained staff consisting of:

  •  ICU-CCU Certified Registered Nurses
  •  Advanced Life Support Paramedics
  •  Respiratory Therapists
  •  Pediatric Medical Team  Neonatal Nurses
  •  Physicians Trained Critical Care Medicine  
  •  Cardiologists
  •  Neurologists
  •  Orthopedists

Prior to transferring a patient on an air ambulance, the medical flight crew will review the patient’s medical history with the attending physician or charge nurse to assure that the proper medical staff along with medical equipment are utilized in treating the patient during the transport.

On most US air ambulance flights, a Registered Nurse and/or an ALS Paramedic will always care for the patient on the flight. If the patient is on a ventilator, then a Respiratory Therapist must also accompany the patient along with a Registered Nurse and/or a Paramedic. However, if a specialized physician is needed, then he/she will accompany the patient along with the flight Nurse or Paramedic.

Training and Qualifications of the Medical Flight Team:

  • The Medical Flight Crew are required to have at least five (5) years experience in an ICU-CCU setting and/or Emergency Room setting.
  • Members of the Medical Flight Crew are also required to be certified in ACLS and Aviation Physiology.
  •  They are also required to attend the Aero-Medical Initial Training Program or equivalent, in which they accompany full time medical staff on flights as observers prior to serving in a medical crew position.
  • The medical flight crew has successfully completed the U.S. Department of Transportation Air Medical Crew National Standard Curriculum-Advanced or equivalent approval by our medical director, which includes general topics, patient assessment, and management appropriate to the patient in the airborne environment.

With these qualifications and training in mind, Advanced Air Ambulance ensures its commitment to always secure total “Patient Satisfaction” on all air ambulance transfers.