Medical Escort Companion on Commercial Airlines


Our Medical Escort Companion Program is available to those patients who require some assistance and could sit up at take off and landing on both domestic and international commercial airline flights.


We provide certified Medical Personnel and basic medical equipment, including Oxygen and monitoring devices when needed. Our Medical Escorts will accompany these patients on board commercial airline flights.


This option is substantially less than flying on Private Air Ambulance. The patients and their families could save thousands of dollars utilizing this type of service.


With hundreds of Medical Escort Flights on commercial airlines, Advanced Air Ambulance has developed a close and outstanding relationship with the airline companies. This relationship makes it easy for airline ticketing, coordination ground support in and out of the airplane and at all stops, in addition to clearance with the airlines and airport authorities.


Advanced Air Ambulance professional team of ICU Registered Nurses, ALS Paramedics, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Physicians and other medical personnel are assigned to take over patient’s care on commercial airlines based on the patient’s illness and medical condition.