Jet Aircraft


Advanced Air Ambulance, Corp., provides a fleet of aircraft that is exclusively dedicated for ICU Critical Care flights. The fleet consists of Jets and Twin-engine Propeller aircraft.


The leader in the Jet class air ambulance category is the Learjet aircraft. We offer several Learjet models that elevate performance to a new level. Learjet aircraft provides greater power to pilots via superb navigation capabilities. The reasons for its popularity are many; unparalleled range, proven reliability under the most strenuous conditions, the highest quality construction, a comfortable customized cabin, quiet, dependable and efficient turbofan engines and, of course, mission flexibility. For lifeguard air ambulance mission’s applications, Learjet aircraft are configured to house sophisticated airborne and medical equipment.


In addition to the Learjet models, we offer other class of jet aircraft that are larger, luxurious and more expensive. These larger aircraft may accommodate more family members who wish to accompany the patient. Whether you choose the Gulfstream, the Challenger or the Hawker aircraft, you will see that flying at brisk long-range cruise speed gives you exceptional value.