Advanced Air Ambulance, Corp., provides a fleet of aircraft that is exclusively dedicated for ICU Critical Care flights. The fleet consists of Jets aircraft and Twin-engine Propeller aircraft.
In the Jet class category, our most popular jet air ambulance is the Learjet aircraft. We offer several Learjet models that elevate performance to a new level. The reasons for its popularity are many; proven reliability under the most strenuous conditions, quiet and dependable. Depending on the type of Jet you select, they could seat between eight to thirteen passengers including the flight crew.
As for the Twin Prop & Turbo Prop series, they are very economical and comfortable for regional midrange flights. They could seat between five to eight passengers including the flight crew. The Props are excellent choice for getting in and out small airports.  
Both of the Jets and Twin Props dedicated air ambulance aircraft fleet may include any of the following equipment: 

  •  FAA Approved Stretcher System on Board  
  •  Cardiac Monitors, ECG, invasive and non-invasive blood pressure
  •  Defibrillators 
  •  IV Pumps & Solutions 
  •  Infusion Pumps
  •  Oxygen 
  •  Oxygen supplies, regulators and gauges 
  •  Pulse Oximeter 
  •  Portable Suction Units
  •  Intubations Equipment 
  •  Respirator / Ventilator 
  •  Oropharyneal Airways 
  •  Hand Operated Bag-Valve
  •  Mask Resuscitators 
  •  Blood Pressure Cuffs 
  •  Emergency Drug Box 
  •  Clean Linens, Blankets and Pillows